Should I Wear a Mask?

Why is “Should I wear a Mask” even a question? As a nurse I find it hard to fathom that people are even asking this question at this point. The world has a lot going on right now, I get that. But….

Protect yourself.

Regardless of you political stance or your discomfort while wearing a mask, it can offer you some protection. I get it that wearing a mask isn’t fun. I have to wear on in the hospital for a full 12 hours at a time. I wear one when I go to the store. It’s hot here in Florida and it can feel hard to breath. But, it will definitely feel hard to breath if I get sick with COVID 19. It can happen to you. You might be young and healthy but that doesn’t mean you wont get sick. If you get sick it could be bad and you could possibly die. I do not understand why you would want to take that risk. Wearing a mask offers you some protection. As a nurse we wear masks to protect ourselves and out patients. Please wear a mask.

Protect others

So maybe you don’t really care about yourself. Maybe you are invincible. That’s great. But, I’m not invincible, my mom is not invincible, my son who had brain surgery isn’t either. Wearing a a mask protects them. I am not sure when we became a nation who put our own personal wants over our family and friends. Sure you have freedoms I won’t argue that. But when does your freedom impinge on mine? Why should you get to endanger me? It’s not self defense. If you have a communicable disease and you spit on an RN that is assault. I understand it’s not quiet the same if you don’t know your sick. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has at this point kill a half of a million people. Please wear a mask maybe you’ll safe a life… possibly your own.

If you need a mask you can get one of my handmade “Face Buckets” here.

Links to Information on Face Masks & COVID 19

John Hopkins
Web MD

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